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Why Hire a Medical Billing Company?

When it comes to the idea of outsourcing your medical billing, are you hesitant? Skeptical? Downright resistant? Perfect! You should be. Here’s why: This is your medical practice. You may have built it yourself, from the ground up. You may have grown it with a partner or group of practitioners. You may have managed it…

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COVID-19 + Telehealth: Need-to-Know Info for Medical Practices

In the past few days, we’ve fielded countless client questions about telehealth changes in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. So we want to provide you with a succinct overview of what you most need to know—along with a list of resources you can explore for more detailed information. First off, 2 important notes about…

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List of 2020 CPT Code Changes

If you’re looking for a list of 2020 CPT code changes, look no further. Here, we review the updates you’ll want to know about in the coming year. But because we love saving you time, we won’t make you scroll through the entire post to find the current procedural code changes that apply to your…

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