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7 Opportunities that Appear in Challenging Times

Even in the height of the healthy season, when your team is functioning like a well-oiled machine and the appointment book is full and your billing is in great shape, running a medical practice is never easy. So in this moment? Wow. Clearly, those in the healthcare industry have plenty to think about these days.…

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COVID-19 + Telehealth: Need-to-Know Info for Medical Practices

In the past few days, we’ve fielded countless client questions about telehealth changes in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. So we want to provide you with a succinct overview of what you most need to know—along with a list of resources you can explore for more detailed information. First off, 2 important notes about…

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Doctors and Business: 4 Challenges Facing Medical Practices

Doctors and business go hand-in-hand. But it’s not exactly the first thing you learned about at medical school, is it?  Nor should it be! You didn’t get into medicine because you wanted a doctorate in business. But if you’re running—or helping to run—a medical practice, then you might be getting just that from the University…

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